Basketball Girls Varsity Schedule    (as of 11-24-15)
Type  Time  Opponent  Location  Comments
Thursday, Nov 12, 2015
Scrimmage  5:00PM  Phillips,
Three Lakes 
Phillips High School         
First Game: Three Lakes vs. Phillips Second Game: Three Lakes vs. Tomahawk Third Game: Tomahawk vs Phillips
Tuesday, Nov 17, 2015
Game  7:15PM  Crandon  Tomahawk High School         
Thursday, Nov 19, 2015
Game  7:15PM  Prentice  Tomahawk High School         
Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015
Game  7:15PM  Away vs. Athens  Athens High School         
Friday, Nov 27, 2015
Tournament  11:00AM  Wausau West  Antigo High School         
Saturday, Nov 28, 2015
Tournament  1:00PM  Away vs. Wausau East  Antigo High School         
Friday, Dec 4, 2015
Game  7:15PM  Antigo  Tomahawk High School         
Thursday, Dec 10, 2015
Game  7:15PM  Away vs. Medford Area  Medford Area High School         
Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015
Game  7:15PM  Lakeland Union High School  Tomahawk High School         
Friday, Dec 18, 2015
Game  7:15PM  Away vs. Mosinee  Mosinee High School         
Tuesday, Dec 22, 2015
Game  7:00PM  Away vs. Three Lakes  Three Lakes High School         
Thursday, Jan 7, 2016
Game  7:15PM  Elcho  Tomahawk High School         
Tuesday, Jan 12, 2016
Game  7:15PM  Rhinelander  Tomahawk High School         
Friday, Jan 15, 2016
Game  7:15PM  Away vs. Northland Pines  Northland Pines High School         
Thursday, Jan 21, 2016
Game  7:15PM  Away vs. Antigo  Antigo High School         
**Parent's Night**
Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016
Game  7:15PM  Medford Area  Tomahawk High School         
Friday, Jan 29, 2016
Game  7:15PM  Away vs. Lakeland Union High School  Lakeland Union High School         
Thursday, Feb 4, 2016
Game  7:15PM  Mosinee  Tomahawk High School         
Youth Night. Extended Halftime = 10 + 3 min. Kids play at halftime. Youth players have free admission.
Monday, Feb 8, 2016
Game  7:15PM  Rib Lake  Tomahawk High School         
Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016
Game  7:15PM  Away vs. Phillips  Phillips High School         
Bye  7:15PM             
Friday, Feb 12, 2016
Game  7:15PM  Away vs. Rhinelander  Rhinelander High School - Jim Miazga Community Gym (Courts 1 and 2)         
Thursday, Feb 18, 2016
Game  7:15PM  Northland Pines  Tomahawk High School         
Senior Night. Players and parents will be introduced before warm ups (4 min). Senior parents have free admission.
Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016
Regionals  TBD  TBA  TBD