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Volleyball: Girls JV2 Fall 2020 Schedule

    (as of 09-30-20)
Type  Time  Opponent  Location  Leaves  Dismissal  Return  Comments
Monday, Sep 7, 2020
First day of Practice  4:00PM    Mosinee High School
Tuesday, Sep 15, 2020
Match  5:30PM  Tomahawk  Mosinee High School
Thursday, Sep 17, 2020
Match  4:15PM  Away vs. Wausau West  Wausau West High School
Match  5:00PM  Away vs. Rhinelander High School  Rhinelander High School
3:30PM  3:15PM   
Saturday, Sep 19, 2020
Invitational  9:00AM  Away vs. Multiple Schools  Merrill High School
Game  4:30PM  Away vs. Kaukauna  Kaukauna High School
Tuesday, Sep 22, 2020
Match  5:30PM  Away vs. Antigo  Antigo High School
3:45PM    9:00PM 
Thursday, Sep 24, 2020
Match  5:30PM  Medford  Mosinee - Creske Center Gym
Monday, Sep 28, 2020
Match  5:30PM  Stratford - WI  Mosinee - Creske Center Gym
 (Date Changed to 10-05-20)
Tuesday, Sep 29, 2020
Match  5:30PM  Lakeland Union High School  Mosinee High School
 (Location Changed)
Thursday, Oct 1, 2020
Match  5:30PM  Kaukauna  Mosinee - Creske Center Gym
Saturday, Oct 3, 2020
Match  1:30PM  Ashland  Mosinee - Creske Center Gym
 (Time Changed)
Monday, Oct 5, 2020
Match  5:30PM  Stratford - WI  Mosinee - Creske Center Gym
 (Date Changed from 09-28-20)
Tuesday, Oct 6, 2020
Match  5:30PM  Away vs. Northland Pines  Northland Pines High School
3:00PM  2:45PM  10:00PM 
Saturday, Oct 10, 2020
Tournament  9:00AM  Away vs. Multiple Schools  Stratford High School
Game  9:30AM  Marathon  Mosinee High School
Monday, Oct 12, 2020
Game  5:30PM  DC Everest JH/MS  Mosinee - Creske Center Gym
Tuesday, Oct 13, 2020
Match  5:00PM  Away vs. Medford  Medford Area Elementary School
2 games to 25
Thursday, Oct 15, 2020
Game  5:30PM  Away vs. Marathon  Marathon High School New Gym
 (Date Changed to 10-10-20)